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Today we highlight mystery author Lawrence L. Lynch, also known as Emily Murdock Van Deventer. At a time when it was not proper for females to pen sensational literature such as mystery and detective stories, Emily took to paper under the pen name of Lawrence L. Lynch. To date, 24 titles written by her have been discovered. The museum has copies of four of her novels including her first, Shadowed by Three, 1879, and reissued in 1885; along with Madeline Paine: The Detective’s Daughter, 1883; The Diamond Coterie, 1884; Out of a Labyrinth, 1886; and A Dead Man’s Step, 1893. Eager readers can also find some of these titles for checkout through the Oswego Public Library District! Click here for an interesting overview and mystery surrounding Lawrence L. Lynch!





 With a warm hello With a warm hello, we are pleased to introduce Margaret Ruth Shepard Edwards, a pioneering business woman in the milliner’s trade, manufacturing ladies’ hats and fans. She went on to open her own milliner shop in March 1876. Click here for a biography and newspaper transcriptions highlighting her life!






Meet  Christianna Harkness, an early educator in the community who began her teaching career at the age of 17. A rural school teacher during the mid-19th Century, Christianna taught at several one-room schools in the Oswego area until 1863 when she left the profession to marry and raise a family. Four generations of her family have continued the tradition of educating others with some still teaching today in the Oswego SD308 schools.






Smithsonian Women’s History – Discover stories, news, and online events.

National Women’s History Museum – Explore biographies, online exhibits, and articles. Participate from home in a historic journaling initiative by clicking here



This past winter we delighted in specially curated recipes from the collections of the Little White School Museum. Try creating a sweet treat from the past, re-discover a family favorite or start a new tradition of tasting history!  Throughout the season, we featured recipes from the compilation cookbook,  Favorite Recipes Compiled by Oswego Schools Cafeteria Ladies, 1975. 




Toffee Cookie

Toffee Cookie Video Instruction Here

Toffee Cookie Printable Recipe



Quick & Easy Brownies

Quick & Easy Brownies Printable Recipe



Peppermint Delight Pie

Peppermint Delight Pie Instruction

Peppermint Delight Pie Printable Recipe





Peanut Butter Fingers

Peanut Butter Fingers Printable Recipe



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