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Museum Mystery Monday Reveal!

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Week of June 7 = Oswego’s Home Grown Fossil  = Tentaculites oswegoensis, a worm like marine animal was discovered in 1852 by an Oswego doctor. After review by several educational institutions, the fossil made its way to the Philadelphia Museum. There it was classified and named after the place where it was found. Can you find the word “oswego” in “oswegoensis”? These fossils can still be found today along the banks of the Waubonsie Creek.


Mother’s Day History!

Honoring and celebrating mothers dates back centuries; however the Mother’s Day celebrated in the U.S. dates to 1914. Discover more Mother’s Day History and for a special Mother’s Day project to share with any mother, use this starter guide to preserve history and Interview a Mom for Mother’s Day!


The Historic Tradition of May Day Baskets

Surprise someone with a handmade token of flowers, candies or a small gift! May Day traditions date back to the 19th Century. Historically May Day baskets were filled with flowers, candies or small tokens that were left for someone unknowingly.

One tradition saysif you were caught delivering a May Day basket you are supposed to get a kiss! Today you may leave a surprise or simply share this small gift as an act of kindness. Use a basket, pail, gift bag or make a paper cone to hold your gifts!

Click here for instructions to make your own May Day cone!

Click here to discover more about this forgotten tradition.


Earth Day & a Local Environmental Crusader

Earth Day, the birth of the environmental movement as we know it today, began April 22, 1970. Until that time, many environmental concerns and the impacts of pollution, contaminants, and inefficient manufacturing methods were rarely recognized, thought about, or addressed. Many efforts to make change started at the local level and the Oswego area was truly no exception. Area resident and teacher Jim Phillips took action as local legend “The Fox” bringing awareness to rampant pollution in the vicinity and beyond. Those actions assisted in the  development of U.S. and state environmental protection agencies and helped to make the Fox River a cleaner body of water.

Celebrate Earth Day every day with activities to explore and learn as you have fun! Try your hand at a  Celebrate Earth Day Word Search or create your own fun with a Celebrate Earth Day Bingo card.

Discover More about Earth Day

The History of Earth Day

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This past winter we delighted in specially curated recipes from the collections of the Little White School Museum. Try creating a sweet treat from the past, re-discover a family favorite or start a new tradition of tasting history!  Throughout the season, we featured recipes from the compilation cookbook,  Favorite Recipes Compiled by Oswego Schools Cafeteria Ladies, 1975. 




Toffee Cookie

Toffee Cookie Video Instruction Here

Toffee Cookie Printable Recipe



Quick & Easy Brownies

Quick & Easy Brownies Printable Recipe



Peppermint Delight Pie

Peppermint Delight Pie Instruction

Peppermint Delight Pie Printable Recipe





Peanut Butter Fingers

Peanut Butter Fingers Printable Recipe



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  • Do you know when the first traffic light was installed in Oswego? How about the telephone? First business? Discover fun facts and interesting info in our Oswego Firsts Brochure.


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