Museum Store

The Little White School Museum offers several charming objects in our Museum store which compliment Oswegoland’s history.  All items are available for purchase at the Museum during regular hours. Items with postage indicated are available by mail order. The museum now accepts credit cards! Please email with any questions.

Send payment by check or money order made out to:

Oswegoland Heritage Association
PO Box 23
Oswego, IL 60543

All Museum Store proceeds benefit the Oswegoland Heritage Association.

Special Items for Sale

Oswego Cat’s Meow Buildings

A series of Oswego buildings made by Cat’s Meow. Each building is an exact representation of an historic building located in Oswego and has the history of that building printed on the back.  Shipping is available at $9 per building.


The Series 6 edition of Oswego buildings made by Cat’s Meow.
Church of the Good Shepherd – $20





The Series 5 edition of Oswego buildings made by Cat’s Meow.

Item available:
Korte-Zentmyer Building (My Sister’s Lil Donut Shoppe) – $20




The Series 4 edition of Oswego buildings made by Cat’s Meow.

Items available:
Hoze Cherry House – $20
The Chapman House – $20
Crothers-Jolly-Denney House – $20



The Series 3 edition of Oswego buildings made by Cat’s Meow.

Items available:
Oswego Cyclery – $20
Oswego Library – $20 – SOLD OUT
Masonic Building – $20


The Series 2 edition of Oswego buildings made by Cat’s Meow.

Items available:cats_meow_buildings-2
Schwartz House (Tripp Insurance) – $20
Parke Building (American Male & Co.) – $20
Durrand House (The Village Grind) – $20
Dairy Hut – $20



The Series 1 edition of Oswego buildings made by Cat’s Meow.

Items available:cats_meow_buildings
“Welcome to Oswego” sign – $20
Little White School Museum – $20
The Rank building – $20
The Schlickler building – $20




Oswego Themed Pottery

Always available at the museum, an assortment of Oswego themed crocks including one depicting the Little White School Museum. Prices vary depending on size. (shipping is not available).

Publications for Sale

oswego_township_bookOswego Township, celebrates the 175th anniversary of the township’s settlement. The book includes hundreds of historic photos of the Oswego Township area from the Little White School Museum’s collections, some images dating back to the 1860s.
Price $19.99
(plus $5 postage and handling)

Boulder Hill – The First 35 Years
Ruth Skaggs and her husband, Bev, were the first to buy a home in Boulder Hill.
Over the years they chronicled their new hometown’s history which is presented in this book.
Price $5.00
(plus $5 postage and handling)

150 Years Along the Fox: The History of Oswego Township, Illinois, edited by Roger Matile. The first history of Oswego Township, illustrated with hundreds of historic photographs. 1983.
Price $35.00
(plus $5 postage and handling)

cookbookRecipes from the Illinois Lincoln Highway National Scenic Byway
The Illinois Lincoln Highway celebrates America’s fist successful transcontinental highway that mobilized the Nation. The histories of the communities that are represented in this recipe book are historic as the highway itself. Each contributor was asked to tell a story and provide a recipe. Oswego is featured on ten pages. The recipe book is spiral bound and has 115 total pages.
Price $19.95   SALE PRICE: $10.00
(plus $5 postage and handling)

By Trace and Trail: The Stagecoach Era in Northern Illinois, (NEW 3rd Edition) by Roger Matile. Stories of the stagecoach routes and companies that served the newly settled areas west of Chicago during the 1830s, 1840s, and 1850s. 2010.
Price $10.00
(plus $5 postage and handling)

books-tapesFaith on the Prairie: The Religious History of Oswego Township, Illinois, by Paul M. Shoger. Oswego Township historian Paul Shoger covers all the earliest churches in this brief history of religion in Oswego Township. 1991.
Price $10.00
(plus $5 postage and handling)

Raising Kane: The Fox Chronicles by “Ray Fox” (Jim Phillips). The environmental autobiography of the famed environmental crusader, The Fox, whose exploits were chronicled in the national press, from Time magazine to columns by Mike Royko. 1991.
Price $15.00
(plus $5 postage and handling)

The Legend of the Fox, The documentary biography of “The Fox,” the environmental crusader that helped shine the light of publicity on environmental problems caused by industry and local government from the 1960s until his semi-retirement in the 1980s.
DVD Price $15.00
(plus $5 postage and handling)