Special Exhibits

Rewind with a Winter Exhibit Review

Staying in? Let the museum come to you! Take a step back in time to review some of the special exhibits curated the past few months!  Peek at our Parade of Valentines pictured below, reminisce with Toys from the Attic , or discover local landmarks through the 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments . Want to get A Taste of History? Head over to the Discover and Learn page for recipes curated from the museum collections! Didn’t make it out in 2020 to experience life At Home in Oswego’s Past? Scroll down below!

A Parade of Valentine Greetings

Get ready for next Valentine’s Day – you won’t be sorry! Peek into some greetings from the past or learn a bit of history through the instructions for designing a history inspired Valentine.



Make a History Inspired Valentine







A Winter Holiday Review

Toys from the attic and holiday ornaments have not been packed away just yet! Try your hand at a recipe you may just want to add to your holiday happenings for 2021!


Click here to view Toys from the Attic






Click here for the 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments




Click here for A Taste of History




2020 Exhibit – At Home in Oswego’s Past

Get a glimpse into the home life of area residents during the late 19th and early 20th centuries through this virtual experience. The exhibit was hosted by the Oswegoland Heritage Association in partnership with the Oswegoland Park District, March-October 2020.Click here to access a behind the scenes conversation with the exhibit curator