Special Exhibits

Recent Exhibit – At Home in Oswego’s Past

The museum exhibit has closed, but you can still get a glimpse into the home life of area residents during the late 19th and early 20th centuries through this virtual experience. The exhibit was hosted by the Oswegoland Heritage Association in partnership with the Oswegoland Park District.

Conversation with the Curator

The At Home in Oswego’s Past exhibit was curated by Oswegoland Heritage Association member and longtime volunteer Stephanie Just. Below is an excerpt from a behind the scenes interview of the exhibit creation.

What was your inspiration for this exhibit?
I wanted to do something different and show how people from Oswego lived.

Do you have a favorite piece you like to point out?
The dress form made from leather is a pretty cool piece. Almost Gothic looking in a way.

What were some of the challenges in curating the exhibit?
The whole exhibit! Working full time and doing this on the side was a challenge.

What do you hope visitors take away from the exhibit?
I hope that they will see how people used to live and not take everyday things for granted.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I love the stage and the living scene we created on it. That turned out so cool.

Exhibit Extra – Living Scene Photo Fun

  • Look and Find – Look carefully – can you spot a set of blocks, an airplane, a tea set, a baby doll, a braided rug and a chair?
  • Past-Present Reflection – Things may be different, but many the same – a telephone to communicate, toys and a game, music to enjoy, photos affixed to the wall, a gathering space for one and for all; this exhibit in time speaks of the past, but through present and future some things seem to last.  What differences and similarities do you note from then compared to now? What do you predict will be different or the same in the future?
  • Recreate the Photo – Recreate your version of this photo in a drawing, painting, or photograph – or any other medium.
  • Tell a Story – Spin a tale of your own imagination about this living scene.
  • Share – Your thoughts and creations can be shared with family, friends or even the museum!